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So, your essay is written, and you have put the final full stop in your writing. It is, by all means, the time to lay it aside and relax for a while, but it would be naïve to assume that your work here is done, and your essay is ready for submitting. If you submit a draft without proofreading and editing, chances are you will have a C at best. True, you have done the most significant part of your job, but what you have at hand at this point is merely a draft that still needs paper editing.

What is paper editing and what is proofreading

Editing and proofreading are equally important parts of post-writing work. If you proofread and edit your writing yourself, you will probably be paying attention to all the possible drawbacks that you may find. However, such an attempt to seize the unseizable will probably make a mess of the process. To avoid this, it is necessary to understand the difference between these similar processes. The former is a relatively easy process of spotting and eliminating the drawbacks about the form of your writing – such as spelling, punctuation, etc., whereas the latter focuses on your writing’s content and its consistency – the job of an essay editor is to ensure the smooth and logical narration, proper style, etc.

Maintaining logic and consistency throughout your writing should not be any problem if you are writing a smaller piece – such as a five-paragraph essay. So, in this case, there may be no need to edit your paper separately, a simple proofread will do. However, the more voluminous your paper gets, the more necessary it becomes to make sure that it is properly edited before submitting it.

Who can make use of online editing services?

Academic editing services are equally beneficial for all students of all academic levels and all fields of study, regardless of which kind of writing we are talking about. The most widespread approach to studying suggests that every student must do the whole bulk of work him- or herself, including research, writing, proofreading, editing, etc. However, the curriculum is so busy these days that a student can barely scrape enough time to write everything, let alone edit properly. In such a situation a helping hand of a professional editor becomes next to necessary. Moreover, having a professional paper editor look through your draft will not only save you some time on other things to do, but it will also help you ensure that the paper in question is edited topnotch.

How to pick the right academic editing services

Professional editing services are obviously beneficial to all students without exceptions. So there is little surprise in the overwhelming popularity of such search queries as ‘edit my paper’ or ‘edit my essay.’ As usual, high demand leads to high supply, and this leads to the abundance of companies offering such services.

However – same as with any other services – not all providers are equally well-intended. Some companies want to help people and enjoy a good reputation, while others just want some quick buck. Some companies take their work with all seriousness, while others provide the end-result no better than that of the automatic Microsoft Word sentence editor. Naturally, one should know how to distinguish the former from the latter before ordering some job done from any company. There are several ways for that:

  1. Look at the customer reviews and testimonials. An irresponsible money-grabbing company will most likely have none of those. At best, they will craft a testimonials page on their website, but these testimonials will look more like the job of a copywriter or a bot. Responsible online editing services will enjoy a reputation that their happy customers will be eager to share on third-party websites.
  2. Is the website good-looking and well-navigable? If a company aims to grab a quick buck, it will make no sense for them to have a well-crafted website that people will like to use for a long time. A customer-oriented company aimed at fair work, on the other hand, will strive to make the best of its customers’ experience even while navigating the website.
  3. Is the customer assistance available and comprehensive? When we talk about editing services in English, we talk about clients from almost every time zone in the world. So, a company that strives to offer the best services to its customers will surely make their customer assistance 24 / 7. Moreover, when a potential customer asks them anything, their answers must be instant and reveal both friendliness and expertise – once again, because they are primarily aimed at enhancing customer experience and not at upselling for a quick buck.

What comprises an outstanding essay editing service

The aforementioned criteria are necessary to for any good essay editing service. But who wants a good service? Does a good service equal a good grade for the edited paper? When a student pays his money for editing his or her academic paper, s/he does not expect good service – it must be excellent, same as his or her grade. Here is what makes our company stand out among other paper editing websites as an excellent service provider:

  • We only cooperate with native English-speaking editors who have no less than a master’s degree in the respective field of knowledge, as well as solid experience in academic writing and editing
  • We guarantee your confidentiality with our reputation. None of the details that you choose to disclose to us will ever be shared with anybody else
  • This includes your payment details through our secure payment processor.
  • We also guarantee that no parts of your paper that we work on will ever be used for another paper
  • We strive to keep our prices affordable for all students
  • Our editors always finish the work before the deadline
  • Before submitting a completed paper to you, we run it through plagiarism-checking software to eliminate any possible instances of unintended plagiarism.

This is why we are your number one choice for any editing-related job – from high school essay proofreading to post-graduate research paper editing.

A two-step guide to using our professional editor services

A shining academic paper, carefully polished by a specially assigned college essay editor is just two simple steps away:


On doing so, remember and mention every smallest detail that can help us pick just the right specialist for editing your paper. After all, this is one of the decisive factors making us the best essay editing service. Every detail is important here: for instance if we read “I need a literature essay for college… My major is psychology…”, it does not just tell us that you want a college essay editing service but that we need a professor who teaches literature to psychology students. It will also mean that most likely your paper needs to be formatted according to APA formatting style guidelines, but will be better if you also specify the preferred formatting style separately.


When placing your order, you will also be asked to specify the date by which you expect to have your paper edited. Once the order is placed, simply wait for that date. Usually, however, our editors deliver before the deadline, so chances are you will find your edited paper in your inbox sooner than you expect.

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