Being Self employed and not been paid is an issue where working as a business can be hard when your customers need to pay for your products or services. Sometimes, all you need is help from a debt collection partner. But there is more than an easy transaction when you find a collection agency. When the third-party debt collector is not the best fit for you, it will not work, and you can create another problem. The agency must use a system that avoids these problems while you get revenue and customer relationships.

There are some ways to avoid the debt collection process where you must hire a professional. Since you have a business to run and deal with, accounts can be tiring on your time, patience, and resources. These things help you find a partner when you are in the process of choosing one.

Self employed and not been paid


Finding a debt collection agency sometimes focuses on some areas. Some excel in protecting the funds from more prominent companies, while others do well with small or home businesses. When possible, you can look at any debtors the collection agency deals with and the type of businesses it provides.

Compare costs and fees

When you find some collection agencies that work best for your business, consider their costs. It is worth nothing when the agencies charge you for the services where they will be different, and you must find the one that is good for you.

debt collection agency

Ask whether they use skip tracing

Sometimes, some debtors skip town. Good collection agencies use “skip tracing,” where they use and have access to other databases. It is how they can find a debtor who doesn’t leave any forwarding address or clues about their whereabouts. It is necessary when you contact your debtor and have been ignored.

Ensure they have insurance

No matter how much you research, there is a possibility that an agency uses different tactics or the debtor feels the agency is doing it in bad faith. Whether you win the case or not, you like to ensure you are not held accountable for getting an agency. You must get proof of insurance from your debt collector that your debtor will take you both to court.

When you know how to find a debt collector, you must get the total payment you deserve. You should spend all your options before you get to hire one. Dealing with the debtors can be stressful, taxing, and slow, and it will get all your resources.