Food, a general term and according to definition of scientific knowledge, any materials that human being consume and gain energy and nutrition from them is termed as food ,but is it the real and fulfilled definition of food? Food can be defined as a emotion as a love and as a psychological satisfaction to individuals, food has the capability to instigate one’s mind and spread a influential stimuli to one’s mood ,for reference if we are having a bad day and suddenly someone present our favorite food our mood tends to change and we feel momentary excitement.

Types of food

Food offers a wide range of variety to each and every individual in respect of their choice, taste, habit, custom, culture and other circumstances, some types are mentioned here:

Healthy food

This is a special classification of available food items on the basis of nutrition they provide , generally health freaks personalities prefer these category of food , they consider the items that  contains more amount of improving minerals and components like calcium, iron, vitamins, and roughage and generally avoid fats and carbohydrate these food items include green vegetables, fruits, and protein.

Junk food

This is the most interesting and attracting part of food variety  though it’s not that healthy but the variety and taste feature of this category makes it attractive to the mass, it composes of and or fats, carbohydrate minerals and proteins ,Extreme and unbound less consumption of these items may lead to several health issues.

Dietary food

This is a special category of food specially made for ailing patients in special condition; these are the dietary recommendation and restriction made by respective nutritionist based on the health condition of individuals considering his health’s improvements. For instance dietary food with low sodium intake should be given to a patient suffering from hypertension.

Homely food

This is the day to day food that we have in our regular lifestyle and this has the perfect balance of nutrient and taste as required for individual’s choice and preference.


As mentioned earlier food has unlimited and infinite variety which cannot be concluded overall but the most important part of food that apart from its hunger satisfying quality its serves many more aspects like a form of celebration, mood rebounder, exploring taste finder, and many more. And as far as India is considered food here tastes differently because of its tasty and aromatic spices and the pro cooking skills of the people here.