Have you ever seen a movie and had an unexplainable delight burst from the screen? A flood of feelings that cut through cultural barriers and subtitles? That is the Telugu film industry’s charm. Regardless of the genre, beneath the memorable melodies and eye-catching graphics is a special kind of storytelling that makes you feel better. A Telugu full movie, whether it’s the epic adventure of “Mistake,” the thrilling drama of “Super Over,” or the uncontrollable humour of “Keedaa Cola,” has a special allure that endures long after you have watched the movie. And it’s never been simpler to enjoy this delicious retreat in the era of OTT platforms like aha.

1 – Mistake

BharrathKomalapati directed the Telugu thriller “Mistake” in 2023. The plot revolves around three carefree friends sharing a flat in Jubilee Hills Basthi. Their carefree lifestyle causes them to make serious mistakes, putting their lives in danger. They fled with their girlfriends out of fear for their safety. The film stars Abhinav Sardhar, Ajay Kumar Kathurvar, and Teja Ainampudi, who deliver captivating performances. Notably, Abhinav Sardhar impresses and adds substance to the fascinating story. With a runtime of 105 minutes, “Mistake” premiered in India on August 4, 2023, engaging spectators with its daring themes, peril, and study of the consequences of rash decisions. It’s a compelling watch for thriller fans!

2 – Super Over

“Super Over,” a 2021 Telugu criminal thriller by Praveen Varma. It follows Kaasi (Naveen Chandra), whose desire to travel overseas is ruined by a fraudulent travel adviser. To clear his obligation, Kaasi turns to cricket betting, gaining ₹1.7 crore. However, the plot thickens as he struggles to claim his reward and deals with the consequences alongside his companions Madhu (Chandini Chowdary) and Vasu (Rakendu Mouli). Despite production delays owing to COVID-19 and the director’s terrible death. This film has received mixed reviews, with acclaim for its unique writing and acting. It premieres on aha and has 83 minutes of thrilling crime thriller.

3 – Keedaa Cola

“Keedaa Cola” is a 2023 Telugu crime-comedy by Tharun Bhascker, following Vaasthu (Chaitanya Rao Madadi), Lancham (Rag Mayur), and Thatha (Varadarajulu, played by Brahmanandam). Their discovery of a cockroach in a cola bottle sparks a scheme to profit from a consumer court case. Vaasthu, dealing with Tourette syndrome, lives with his grandfather Varadharaju, selling patient simulators. Their comedic journey unfolds as they tackle the challenge of making quick money. Praised for its quirky characters and unexpected plot turns, the film has received positive reviews from critics. It offers a blend of crime, comedy, and philosophy for viewers to enjoy.


Telugu full movie presents an inviting experience, a world where emotions run high, plots are compelling, and celebrations are spectacular. It’s a universe that breaks down linguistic borders, leaving you with a grin and a song in your heart. With OTT platforms like aha making these jewels more accessible, there’s never been a better opportunity to immerse yourself in the mesmerising world of Telugu cinema and experience its magic for yourself. So, sit back, relax, and let Telugu films sweep you away with their charisma and charm.